Al-MORAD Group and its founder Eng. Mohamed Issa Murad are one of the most important commercial companies supplying the construction sector with all the necessary equipment and construction requirements. It was established in 2000 and is based in Jordan .

It was established in 2000 and is based in Jordan. It works to insure various types of  industrial equipment ,sanitary, electrical equipment with Focusing on the field of air conditioning and refrigeration where the company became the  main distributor of copper pipes production of the American company MUELLER and US cooling gas produced by the company HONEYWELL US, in addition to the exclusive agencies for welding and HVAC equipment production of the American UNIWELD In addition to many other agencies.

In 2012, a branch was opened in Dubai - United Arab Emirates and another branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt.In 2012, a branch was opened in Dubai - United Arab Emirates and another branch in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Al-Murad Group owns the construction company for contracting , which was established in 1973 by Eng. Mohamed Issa Murad, which is one of the largest contracting companies in Jordan and has:

Branch in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
And two branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the tenth of Ramadan City and 6th of October City.

Most Important Achievements
  •  Four Seasons Hotel Amman (AMMAN - Four Seasons Hotel).
  • Tower of the lighthouse port of the city of Aqaba - Jordan
  • Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology - Amman - Jordan
  • University of Jordan, several buildings and most important:
    1. The Central Library of the University of Jordan
    2. King Abdullah II College of Information Technology
  • Christ's Bath on the Jordan River - Jordan

It also has a lot of business in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the center of the tenth of Ramadan city was named the most vital area in the city in the field of Jordanian relative to the name of the company in Egypt and is the Jordanian Egyptian Investment Company.



To make all types of construction tools and HVAC materials available under one ceiling, maintaining quality criteria, reliability and customer service.


Our Mission is to serve the Jordanian, UAE, & Arab markets with the latest technologies related to HVAC Systems and Controls; as to reach the highest levels of Comfort and ease by providing the latest equipment which related in HVAC systems.
We focus on gaining our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty through our constant efforts of providing you, our client, with solutions based on: Top Quality, Proficient and Highly Technical Services
Provide the markets with products that keep its quality to fulfill customer requirements, for this goal we seek markets demand and it’s with good price, service and product.


Work Field

Our main items at Murad Hardware are construction tools and HVAC equipment , Freon gases, also home Appliances and, drilling tools, Lighting Units, Water Pumps and more…